Energy Crisis in UK

Since the winter period of 2020/21 energy prices have soared from an average annual energy bill of £1,042 to £2,500 as of October 2022 under the government’s Energy Price Guarantee. It’s estimated 6.7 million UK households are now living in fuel poverty. 

In May 2022, the UK Government announced a series of measures in an attempt to mitigate the energy crisis for households which are most vulnerable to the impacts of fuel poverty.

Given the package was based on an £800 increase in bills in October, these policies may now only offset part of the impact of the expected price increase, but with energy prices already extraordinarily high, it is expected millions of households will still struggle to keep warm this winter.

UMO has secured small amount of funding from National Grid Community Matters Fund via Localgiving to help and advise Walsall people.

Please check the attached leaflet to see what help is available for residents struggling with utility bills.