Following a recent UMO’s meeting with Walsall Public Health Officials on Thursday 1st of April, we have now distributed 54 COVID-19 self-lateral flow Test Kits to Walsall Mosques.

The meeting with Paul Gordon, Walsall Council’s Director of Resilient Communities, and Jonathan Wilkes and Sebastian Baugh of Public Health was organised to facilitate easier Covid19 testing in Places of Worship and in other areas where infection rates are higher using Mobile units.

The first Walk-in Lateral Flow Test service in a Walsall mosque will be piloted at Abu Bakr Trust (Walsall) on Friday 9th April 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm. There will be 2 mobile units placed in the car-park fronting Wednesbury Road and the walk-in tests will be open to all.

Mohammed Arif, interim-chair of UMO said, “I would like to thank Paul Gordon at Walsall Council and their Public Health Officers for working in partnership with Walsall Mosques through UMO to help to reduce infection rates by making these Covid19 self-tests readily accessible via these testing kits. Each kit contains 6 tests

UMO will continue to liaise with Walsall Council to make a room in key Mosques in each area a walk-in Covid19 testing station with trained volunteers as a potential future project. A number of Mosques have already volunteered to host the self-service Lateral Testing station. I also want to thank Imam Luqman at Abu Bakr Trust for hosting this pilot at their car park”.

Imam Mohammad Luqman, Executive Chairman at Abu Bakr Trust said, “Abu Bakr Trust are delighted to host this facility to make Lateral Testing easier for the general public. I have offered to host a fixed testing station inside our institution. We are open to the public and we will do everything possible to help to protect the locals from the Covid19”.

The first Walk-in service will be open to all at Abu Bakr Trust (Walsall) on Friday 9th April 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm.