Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 Adhaan (Call to Prayer) guidance
With congregational prayers still suspended due to the coronavirus and faith buildings remaining closed, the Walsall Council has agreed to support the request of some of our Mosques by giving permission to have, as a one-off event, the Adhaan (Call to Prayer) heard on external speakers for two minutes during the afternoon prayer time of Zuhr on the last Friday of Ramadan (22 May 2020), which itself has important meaning and also on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr.
This is a special lifting of restrictions and Mosques wishing to take part should follow the below guidance:
· Inform the council of your intention to have the Adhaan played on external speakers and for which days (Friday, Eid, or both) by emailing Abdul.Rahim@walsall.gov.uk
· Your email should include a commitment to informing local residents within a 50 metre radius either side of the Mosque that the Adhaan will be played on external speakers making clear that this is a one-off event and on which days, stating the allocated time of two minutes.
· While informing residents/communities you must relay strict conditions that people should not come to the Mosque as a result to congregate either to record or hear in person the Adhaan and that the social distancing guidance below applies. This should be reiterated by inclusion in any communications made to communities.
It is the guidance of the council, based on advice from Public Health England, that in order to continue to protect lives, reduce the further spread of the coronavirus and prevent a second peak of infections:
· Eid is to be celebrated at home
· congregational prayers on Eid day are not to be held at Mosques, parks or open spaces
· residents are not visit to family members and neighbours
· residents can only meet with one person outside of their household and only in an outdoor, open space
· social distancing must be followed when visiting cemeteries.